Operational Management

DCD’s history in successfully implementing projects reinforces the fact that customer satisfaction is the key to developing and maintaining successful business relationships. Professional Project Management, commissioning, ongoing support, training, and documentation ensure that the project will continue to run smoothly after a system is in operation.

Operational Management
Operational Excellence initiatives are targeted to significantly improve the performance of an organization’s key resources (people, equipment, systems, energy, material). DCD’s solutions specifically leverage the real-time environment and solve issues related to operations, production, assets, environment, quality and safety.


Some examples of these initiatives include:

Asset Management / Equipment Condition Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of equipment improves the reliability of your equipment, lowering maintenance costs and decreasing production downtime.

Controls Asset Excellence Roadmap
This program helps to define challenging and reachable objectives specific to control systems that will allow the client to obtain tangible results related to Operational Excellence.


Results of these types of solutions include:

  • Increased agility
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Operational stability
  • Improved productivity
  • Reductions in variations
  • Improved Safety
  • Enhanced collaboration and coordination