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Industrial Software

Since its inception, DCD Engineering has set its primary focus on becoming an industry leader in PLC, DCS, SCADA and HMI software development. With its strong core of engineers and technologists, DCD has experience developing software in a vast array of industrial software platforms. From small changes to existing control systems to large scale restructuring of engineering designs, our team has the capability to solve any engineering feat. Whether your project requires simple or complex software adjustments, our highly educated and experienced team has likely dealt with a similar issue dozens of times and understands the right path forward to get it solved efficiently.

Programmable logic controllers


Human machine interface

Automation and Control System Design

From oil and gas to mining enterprises to pipeline and manufacturing, DCD Engineering  has a long and established history of working with some of North America’s largest corporations. As a knowledgeable and experienced firm, our team has the capacity to engineer any solution to a real world problem that your business is facing. Whether you require an upgrade to your electrical network or simply require guidance on infrastructural installation, our team aims to provide solutions for both software and hardware. 

Our team knows that the market is saturated with a variety of unique electrical products from various suppliers. As a result, our multifaceted team of engineers are trained to adapt to the supplier that your business utilizes.

Not sure we’re the right engineering firm for your business? DCD Engineering is the go-to design house for many of the largest corporations in the western Canadian oil & gas industry. By leveraging its experience with redundant, high-availability, and safety systems, DCD can design reliable and cost-effective control systems to meet any customer requirement.

OT ICS Cyber Security

Large enterprises across Canada and the entire world rely heavily on the effectiveness and ironclad protection of operation technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS). Without development in OT and ICS security, essential industrial systems in society such as power grids, transportation systems, water monitor and distribution, oil and gas corporations, and communication systems would simply be unable to operate safely. 

For over 30 years, DCD Engineering has been involved in OT ICS cyber security deployments for some of the largest energy companies in Canada, including Suncor Energy, TC Energy, and Gibson Energy. This has included design and configuration ICS networks, firewall configuration, network security, and software patch/firmware testing and deployment services

Commissioning and Start-up

Having been involved in the successful commissioning and facility startup of hundreds of facilities, there is no problem that DCD cannot solve when the pressure is on and a system needs to get running. As the sole company responsible for software commissioning on North America’s largest pipeline, DCD can support the startup of systems both large and small. If you’re a large-scale enterprise in need of commissioning a pipeline or a unique project that has never been tackled before, DCD is ready to bring it to reality.

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